photo of Graham Underwood

Position: Case Manager


Phone: 01473 384808

A law graduate of the University of London, where he was awarded the Butterworth and Blackstone prizes, Graham served as a police officer for over 30 years, rising to the rank of inspector.

In 2008 he was awarded the Chief Constable's Commendation for “sustained dedication, commitment and outstanding contribution to the successful implementation of neighbourhood policing”.

Now with Anglia Research, Graham applies his tenacity and vast experience in order to solve the most complex probate genealogy cases.

Graham holds a current paralegal practising certificate and is regulated by the PPR.

Graham's articles: All in a nameOur work for the public sector: the Patricia Goody case.

Graham's testimonials:

Dear Graham
I received my cheque and have deposited it with my bank here in Texas. I just wanted to thank you so very much for the way you handled this. To think our grandfather died all that time ago and we are now receiving something from his estate. What a nice unexpected surprise.
— Sylvia

Dear Graham
Thank you so much for this and for your help. Who says that we Brits can’t do customer service! You have been really amazing. Thank you once again for your help and kindness.
— Lee

Dear Graham
Many thanks for your email and for the swift and thorough response which I have to say has come as a surprise to me. Well done!
— D. Campion, Director, Humfrys & Symonds Solicitors

Family tree received thank you. Most interesting. Cheque banked this morning – a welcome boost to my pension. Thank you again for making this all possible.
— M. Piper

Dear Graham, thank you for all your help with my family tree its opened up a whole new chapter in my life I have connected with long lost family members.
— S. Gibbons