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Position: Regional Executive


Phone: 01704 518963

Kay has a master's degree in business administration from Warwick Business School, University of Warwick.

It was her love of genealogy, coupled with her desire to reunite assets with their rightful owners, that attracted her to Anglia Research. Before coming to us, she ran her own service sector businesss and has also worked as a senior business adviser.

Kay has particular expertise in Celtic research and manages our research teams in Scotland and Ireland. 

Determined – and with a passion for tasks that offer a challenge – in 1991 she undertook the dangerous and difficult trek to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, the world's highest free-standing mountain at 5895 metres.

Kay holds a current paralegal practising certificate and is regulated by the PPR.

Kay's articles: A past full of secrets, Irish genealogy: missing records and amazing memories, A question of identity.

Kay's testimonials:

In a relatively short period of time after Kay contacted us, my siblings and myself received an inheritance connected to our mother who passed away more than 30 years ago. Anglia Research managed to trace my mother from Northern Ireland to Canada, find us and distribute my mother's brother's estate. Thank you so much for your hard work and tenacity.
— I Auer, Ontario, Canada

I would like to thank Kay and the team at Anglia Research. They managed to trace both my sister and myself in Australia to inform us of the death 10 years ago of a relative we did not know of. Apparently we were entitled to a small inheritance. We only had to supply some details of ourselves, Anglia Research did everything else. We would have no hesitation in recommending this company.
— Name withheld by request.

Testimonial for Kay Morgan

Thank-you card to Kay Morgan

Whilst being very wary of your initial contact regarding a possible inheritance, there are all too many scams these days, I made a series of enquiries into your organisation to satisfy myself of your legitimacy in this field before agreeing to proceed, although I admit, still with some reservations.

What followed was a reassuring & professional service guiding me through this unfamiliar process from Kay Morgan of Anglia Research, following on seamlessly through probate with Diane Yarrow-Smith.

Each stage was appropriately documented & explained together with agreement of eventual commissions, including details of estate & probate expenses, as the procedure unfolded, concluding in 23 relatives proportionally inheriting monies from an estate they originally knew nothing about.

I believe my experience represents a standard which other companies should aspire to emulate & do not hesitate in recommending your services to others who may find themselves pondering a similar situation in the future.
— David Welton

I would like to express my grateful thanks to Kay Morgan for her sheer dedication in obtaining... the inheritance of my late husband's uncle. Presented with evidential difficulty in Ireland, Kay persisted and the funds were released.

I was also very impressed by the probate which was handled very efficiently by Sue Underwood of Wolsey Probate. As I work for a very well established legal company in Devon I know how lengthy this process can be.
— M O'Meara

Thank you card for Kay Morgan

Dear Kay,
It did not seem right to me to take this money without giving a proper thank you to those like yourself who did all the hard work. I have attached a copy of a receipt of a donation to St Andrews Hospice.... In case you are unable to read the receipt it says ‘For Kay Morgan and staff at Anglia Research in memory of R Murphy’.
— C Craig