photo of Terry Bridger

Position: Case Manager


With almost 40 years' experience as a genealogist, family historian and historical researcher, Terry is frequently published in specialised genealogical journals and in 2013 was a recipient of the Di Harding Award. Between 2014-16 she was a technical researcher for a local history book published by a notable local historian.

Her academic qualifications include a masters degree in genealogical, palaeographic and heraldic studies (MScGen), a BA (Hons) in history with heritage studies, and a variety of post-graduate qualifications from the universities of Oxford and Strathclyde encompassing social, economic and local history.

Terry joined Anglia Research from a background in archival and transcription project management in the professional, academic and voluntary sectors. Outside work, she is currently involved in several ancestral preservation initiatives, consanguineous DNA research, and authoring a variety of specialist genealogical guides.

Her geographical area of expertise is southern England. Genealogically her specialist areas are in Jewish and Welsh research, as well as higher-order multiples (triplets and more). She is known for her sensitive approach to the bereaved she visits on behalf of the company, and for her genuine passion for family history.

Terry holds a current paralegal practising certificate and is regulated by the PPR.

Terry's articles: A genealogist of distinctionReclaim the records – a major new resource for genealogical research in the USA, "And people think I have a safe office job", Relative success, A lifeline to independence, The case history of Jacob Marks

Terry's testimonials:

Though, unfortunately, the hard work and research put in by Anglia Research didn’t have the results we’d all have liked, I can say that, in spite of the outcome, it was a pleasure to deal with Case Manager Terry Bridger, who did her very best and was most helpful and approachable.
— H Catchpole