Expert Genealogy Reunites Siblings After Decades Apart

Who doesn’t love a reunited family story? In 2023, our expertise helped reconnect two long-lost siblings.

Being a probate genealogy company, we regularly tell relatives sad news about their next of kin passing away. This is a task we undertake with great sensitivity and empathy.

At times, our work facilitates the reuniting of long-lost relatives or even reveals details of family members that were not known about. This can certainly be a welcome by-product of our genealogical research. As our case managers often mention this is a hugely rewarding part of the job.

The Medals Going Home Appeal to Breakthrough

The case relates to a local press appeal from Medals Going Home (@MedalsGoingHome) on behalf of a woman looking for her long-lost brother in Ipswich, near our head office. Despite non-probate reasons not being our usual focus, the local connection prompted our involvement.

Previous investigations had been conducted into the brother’s whereabouts, but nothing confirmed or positive had occurred. The dreaded “brick wall” is often encountered by family historians and genealogists.

The lack of progress led to a final appeal to the brother’s birthplace local newspaper, the Ipswich Star. Following this, we contacted Medals Going Home and offered our assistance. Private Client Manager Carolyn Felgate discovered that the brother had changed his surname, and was hundreds of miles from his birthplace. Contact was made and we confirmed that we had the right person.

From Phone Calls to Future Plans

But would the brother be willing to hear from his long-lost family? We approached the brother, allowing him time to consider reconnecting with his long-lost family.  A follow-up call was made, and he was happy to proceed, with an exchange of contact information between the siblings taking place.

We were delighted to hear that not long after, brother and sister had spoken to each other several times over the phone and planned to meet up.

Discover our genealogy services to unlock your family history

While reuniting families isn’t our usual service, it’s moments like these that highlight it’s more than just a job to us. In most cases, we have contacted you because we believe you may be entitled to a share of an inheritance.

‍‍If you, like the reunited siblings, have questions about inheritance, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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