Anglia Research is a large, well-established probate genealogy company. To find out what makes us different from other probate research firms, please read Why choose Anglia Research?

If we have contacted you it is because we believe you are entitled to an inheritance from a relative who has lost touch.

Our probate genealogy work

We have helped solicitors to trace heirs for almost 40 years. The legal profession relies on our expertise in order to track down missing beneficiaries who have been specifically named in a will – these are people who have been named by the deceased, but no-one knows where they are.

However, when someone with no known relatives dies without leaving a will, there are no obvious heirs and so their estate passes to the Crown.

As a result, an industry has grown up, with people searching for missing heirs in the hope that they will earn a fee or percentage of the inheritance should relatives be found. These ‘heir hunters’ act on their own initiative and their research findings are only as accurate as their experience and expertise allow.

We employ more accredited genealogists*, legally qualified and independently regulated staff than any other UK probate research company. Our reputation for thoroughness and integrity is second to none.


For established and reputable probate genealogists such as Anglia Research, accuracy is everything. Not only do we locate missing relatives, we invest considerable time and effort so that we can prove our clients’ legal right to inherit from an estate.

Our commitment to accuracy means that you avoid problems and delays further down the line. Some cases are complex, some relatively simple. Either way, the Government Legal Department (on behalf of the Crown) demands a water-tight case before it will release any funds.

If we have contacted you it is because we believe you are entitled to a share of an inheritance. You may wish to take legal advice, but do get back to us as soon as you can.

Please don’t hesitate to phone us if you have any concerns. Our staff will go out of their way to explain anything that is unclear. We pride ourselves on the friendliness and approachability of our people and we aim to give every client a personalised service. For example, we’ll provide you with family trees and copies of all our research findings. We also offer a free ‘letter box’ service for family members who didn’t previously know of each other’s existence.

To find out more about us, see our relatives' FAQ, code of conduct and clients' testimonials. Alternatively, you can browse our case histories to learn more about the fascinating field of probate research.

*members of AGRA, ASGRA and AGI. In addition, most of our case managers hold paralegal practising certificates and are regulated by the PPR, giving you the reassurance of an independent complaints procedure and compensation scheme. For more details, please see our accreditation page.