Genealogy and Probate Researcher Jobs

Our HQ is in Ipswich, where the company began as a genealogical practice in the late 1970s, producing over 10,000 expertly researched family trees for clients from all over the world. Our new, state-of-the-art premises lie at the commercial heart of the town. From here we trace missing heirs in every corner of the globe, ensuring that unclaimed estates or misdirected assets reach their rightful owners

We also have a town-centre office close to the General Register Office in Southport and satellite offices around the country, most of which have the capacity to recruit additional genuine talent.

We are always receptive to approaches by motivated potential case managers from a wide range of backgrounds to join any of our offices. While our existing people tend to stay with us for the long haul (which we like to think speaks volumes about how we do business), with success comes expansion, so we are always willing to consider promising new applicants.

As well as genealogists, our staff include former police officers, city traders, civil servants, lawyers and teachers. Despite their diverse professional backgrounds, they all share certain qualities, such as:

  • natural curiosity
  • organisational skills
  • the ability to take maximum benefit from our training programme
  • integrity
  • thoroughness
  • self-motivation.

Forensic genealogists

Anglia Research does not shy away from pressing the cause of beneficiaries whose entitlement has been overlooked by less than scrupulous or less able organisations. We also take a strong stand against excessive charges and we will assist beneficiaries in recovering overpaid unjustifiable fees.

Our associated company Heir Hunters Research Limited investigates problem heir hunters, and requires tenacious researchers with a strong moral compass to assist with a growing caseload of incorrectly administered estates and overlooked beneficiaries.

Heir Hunters Research Limited specialises in setting the record straight in an industry where lack of regulation allows unethical companies to make unfair charges and circumvent due diligence and lawful practice. An investigatory background is an asset for staff employed in this arena.

If you feel that you have what it takes to join our company as a researcher and/or case manager, please write with a copy of your CV to Emma Mullock. You can find our job applicant privacy notice here.

Anglia Research headquarters in Ipswich.

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