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Whether you need to locate a missing beneficiary, undertake an international bankruptcy search, or require the verification of a family tree, we can help.

When you instruct Anglia Research, you immediately draw upon the expertise of the most highly qualified team of genealogists* in the UK today, not to mention our specialist legal team and unrivalled research resources.

You can find details of all our services on this page.

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We work for a wide range of clients

Solicitors, relatives of people who have died intestate, local authorities, media companies and many other businesses.

Finding missing Beneficiaries

Should you need to find the unknown heirs to an intestacy, or track down a missing beneficiary named in a will, we offer a fast, friendly and affordable service.

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Tracing Property Owners

Whether you want to find the current owner of an abandoned building, establish clear legal title to a property, or determine the rights associated with unregistered land, Anglia Research can help.

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bankruptcy and Insolvency Search

We can conduct bankruptcy and insolvency searches for you, both in the UK and worldwide, in compliance with the relevant legislation and best practice guidelines.

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Estate Distribution Guidance

When someone has died without leaving a will, our estate distribution guidance offers expert advice that ensures all entitled beneficiaries receive their distribution of assets while keeping to the rules of intestacy.

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Family Tree Verification

Our expert probate researchers can offer you free advice on the accuracy of the family tree provided by friends and relatives of the deceased. Contact us and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

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Genealogy Research for the Media

We provide a consultancy service for media and heritage organisations in need of specialist genealogical and historical research.

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Specialist services for Solicitors

We also offer services that are tailored for Solicitors, including client tracing, document procurement, local deeds registry searches and palaeographic services.

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Statutory Will Research

A statutory will is a will made on behalf of someone who lacks the mental capacity to make one for themselves. We have a great deal of expertise in this area, with an understanding of the need for discretion and research carried out to tight deadlines.

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missing beneficiary Indemnity insurance

We can help you obtain missing beneficiary indemnity insurance, missing will insurance and unknown creditor indemnity insurance so that an estate can be distributed with total peace of mind.


financial asset searches

Undertaking a comprehensive financial asset and liability search (FAS) when administering an estate or dealing with a Mental Capacity case is not only best practice, but it can save a world of worry further down the line.


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