Identifying the Owners of Unregistered Land

The piecemeal nature of land registration before 1990 means that solicitors occasionally face the complex and time consuming task of establishing the ownership of unregistered property and the rights associated with it.

As an additional service to professional clients, we offer searches of the Yorkshire and Middlesex deeds registries. Depending on the location of the property, we are often also able to conduct searches in municipal or county records offices.

Our specialist researchers will identify the relevant property transactions and transcribe the details you need. For more information, please read A case involving unregistered property in East Yorkshire, or contact us for advice and a quotation.

Palaeographic deed transcription


I have worked on cases where law firms have obtained copies of old documents only to discover that they are unable to find anyone who can read them.


The deeper you delve in the historical record, the harder it gets to read the records you uncover.

At Anglia Research we employ a number of expert palaeographers who can visit registries, record offices or other repositories, obtain copy documents for you and transcribe them.

For more information, please read Helping solve problems with the unregistered property or contact us for advice and a quotation.

Client tracing

The Solicitors Regulation Authority’s Accounts Rules stipulate that every reasonable effort must be made to return unclaimed client funds, with the result that law firms can face compliance problems when clients prove hard to trace. With almost 40 years’ experience of working with the legal profession, and a reputation for finding people fast, it’s hardly surprising that this is a task we are often asked to undertake.

Please contact us for advice and a quotation.

Document procurement

We can supply copies of:

  • birth, adoption, marriage, registered civil partnership and death certificates
  • decrees nisi/absolute
  • wills and grants of representation.

Should you require any other documents or records, please contact us for advice and a quotation.

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