AGRA, ASGRA & AGI Accredited Genealogists

Probate genealogy is an unregulated industry, but at Anglia Research accountability is important and that’s why we employ more accredited genealogists and legally qualified staff than any other UK probate research company. These members of staff are all governed by the strict rules of their accrediting or regulating body.

There are three professional associations that provide genealogical accreditation in the UK and Ireland:

  • the Association of Genealogists and Researchers in Archives (AGRA),
  • the Association of Scottish Genealogists and Researchers in Archives (ASGRA),
  • Accredited Genealogists Ireland (AGI).

Anglia Research has more accredited members of these organisations than any other firm in the UK. We have seven full members of AGRA, ASGRA and AGI on our team. Our in-house training and collaborative methods ensure that their expertise is passed on to every other team member.

There are numerous other organisations that researchers can join, such as the Association of Professional Genealogists (APG) and the Society of Genealogists (SoG), but no expertise is required for membership.

You can find out more about AGRA accreditation and what it means here. Our AGRA, ASGRA and AGI members are:

We know that your best guarantee of a legally sound outcome lies in the calibre of our team. Our investment in accredited staff is your assurance that an estate can be distributed safely.

Legally qualified staff

We constantly seek to extend our team’s expertise as legal service providers whose work touches on many areas of probate and intestacy law.

The Professional Paralegal Register (PPR) is currently the only professional body for probate researchers that has access to an independent complaints procedure and compensation scheme – both of which are essential if we are serious about offering our clients reassurance and protection.

The PPR acts as both a register and a regulator for professional paralegals. Consumers who use a paralegal on the register who holds a paralegal practising certificate have access to a second tier complaints procedure through the PPR including, in certain circumstances, the ability to receive compensation from the compensation fund.

The following members of staff hold current paralegal practising certificates and are regulated by the PPR:

Head of Probate, Richard Tinkler, is a solicitor with many years of legal experience, is a member of the British Japanese Law Association and is regulated by the SRA.

Our more recently recruited team members – all talented graduates or people with proven investigative skills – will work towards PPR membership, unless they are already members of the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives, or working towards membership.

For our clients, this means that in addition to the guarantees offered by our own code of conduct, they will have the reassurance of connecting with a culture in which accountability to an independent regulator is fundamental.

Further peace of mind

Anglia Research is regulated by the Institute of Paralegals.





We are reputable and recognised by The Law Society and are a verified company by The Gazette.

Good Business Charter accreditation
Anglia Research is a CILEx Industry Partner, recognised by the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives.




We are a member of the Best Foundation, a body of estate-planning professionals whose aim is to improve the sector by accepting only the best as their members.

We hold a certificate of compliance with quality management standard ISO 9001. We maintain internal service standards monitoring, a comprehensive complaints procedure and a clear and transparent code of conduct.

We are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority for indemnity insurance business and protected by professional indemnity insurance (details upon request).

We are fully compliant with the EU General Data Protection Regulation. We are registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office and our registration number is Z9338731.



Our managing director Peter Turvey is an expert witness listed with the Expert Witness directory, the National Expert Witness Agency and the UK Register of Expert Witnesses.

Anglia Research is an associate corporate member of the Institute of Cemetery and Crematorium Management.


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