The industry in which we operate is largely unregulated. Due to the Heir Hunters TV series, which sensationalises the work we do, we have seen many small-time operators come and go, often leaving a trail of disappointed and frustrated beneficiaries in their wake.

At Anglia Research we have a commitment to integrity, quality and service. Our reputation is very important to us. We act lawfully and ethically, and our code of conduct reflects our values and principles.

Commitments to quality, service and privacy

  • We will treat you with respect and be courteous at all times.
  • Any enquiries will be answered promptly and in an open and honest fashion.
  • We will never pass your details to any third party without your express permission.
  • We view client confidentiality as paramount and adhere strictly to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Please read our Privacy Notice.
  • We undertake that your personal details will not appear in the media in any form.


We guarantee that there are no hidden charges, additional fees or extras. When working on a contingency basis (finder’s fee), we do not charge an estate for the costs of our research, or the expenses we incur in proving your entitlement. 

We will never ask you to pay any money up-front.


In line with our commitment to the quality management standard ISO 9001, we will deal with any complaints we receive in a fair and transparent manner.

If your case manager has not been able to resolve an issue to your satisfaction, please contact executive director Philip Turvey (, who will work with you to resolve any complaint you may have.