1. Campaigning against anti-competitive practices

Since 2015 we have been examining the factors – and unpicking the myths – that lead local authorities to form exclusive relationships with heir hunters. In the course of our investigation, we have gathered ample evidence that these local monopolies encourage excessive fees and can sometimes even result in intestate estates being wrongly distributed.

2. Campaigning against double-charging

In 2016 we launched our campaign against double charging for birth, marriage and death certificates.

  • Double charging: unethical, unjustifiable and rife explains why we believe the practice is unlawful.
  • An update to our campaign against double charging reports on the successes we have had in raising awareness of the issue within the legal community.
  • Double charging: heir hunters continue to defend unethical practice analyses and refutes the flawed logic of an heir hunter who defends double charging.
  • Judge orders refund of unfair charges reports on a claim we brought against an heir hunter, which we hope signals the beginning of the end for double charging.

3. Helping victims of negligence and malpractice

At Anglia Research we will do whatever we can to help next of kin who fall prey to unscrupulous heir hunters – and will always report fraudulent practice to the relevant authorities.

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