Financial Asset Searches: Brits and their lost billions

On Tuesday 4th June 2024, Anglia Research hosted a webinar discussing the billions of pounds of unclaimed assets in the UK.

Our guest speaker was Allan Hume, Account Manager at Estatesearch.

Included in this webinar, we:

➡️ Show how over 90% of searches result in finding unclaimed assets via a policy or an account

➡️ Uncover how this occurs, and how we can assist in recovering assets

➡️ Explain what the Reclaim Fund Ltd organisation does, why it was set up, and how it could complicate matters in reclaiming assets

➡️ Explain what is considered a ‘dormant’ account, and all the terminology related to it

➡️ Explore the shocking value of funds held in dormant accounts, the percentage of reclaimed funds compared with unclaimed, and the possible areas where there could be monies or assets found

➡️ Advise practitioners on how they can reclaim assets from all the possible sources that often are overlooked

For more information on the asset searches we offer via our online portal, please visit our dedicated financial asset search web page.

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