We can conduct bankruptcy and insolvency checks worldwide and in the UK, in compliance with the relevant legislation and best practice guidelines.

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Search before distributing an estate

Philip Turvey explains the risks of distributing an estate to a registered bankrupt.The Law Society advises personal representatives, executors and administrators to conduct a bankruptcy search against the name of each beneficiary before distributing an estate.

To quote from the practice note in question: “Personal representatives who make a distribution out of the estate of a deceased person to a bankrupt beneficiary may be making the distribution to the wrong person.”

The note goes on to point out that in cases where the bankrupt puts the assets beyond the reach of the trustee in bankruptcy, “there is a real risk that the trustee in bankruptcy, on behalf of the bankrupt's creditors, will claim compensation against the personal representatives.”

Why choose Anglia Research?

In the UK, checking the status of a bankrupt person is fairly straightforward and in cases where there are only a few heirs an administering solicitor or personal representative may wish to conduct the search themselves, using the UK government bankruptcy and insolvency register.

However, many estates are shared between a large number of beneficiaries and then you may wish to delegate the task to us. Heirs might also live abroad.

Where beneficiaries are resident overseas, things become much more complicated, and this is where our experience really pays off.

Having conducted international bankruptcy searches for many years, we have a vast practical knowledge of what is involved. Each jurisdiction has its own rules and terminology, and stores bankruptcy records in different ways – some much less accessible than others.

Ordering a search

Simply email us the name, date of birth and address of the subject of the search, and we will advise you of any potential problems and provide you with a quotation. We charge a fixed fee of £50 + VAT but some countries make their own charge on top.

We will always provide you with a report of the findings, along with a covering letter. These will be in a PDF format file, suitable for printing directly onto standard A4 size paper.

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