Great Anglo-American Alliances #3: Anglia Research offers US customers a free review of unsolved cases

Anglo-American partnerships have shaped and changed history. The transatlantic alliance that won World War Two and preserved freedom was built by the child of a marriage of English status and tradition to American wealth and energy.

Research into Winston Churchill’s family history ought to be straightforward, but even in families as famous as the Churchills and the Jeromes there are questions, rumours, false trails and ambiguities. The Churchills changed their name, the Jeromes believed they had Native American blood, hints of illegitimacies and family secrets abound.

Probate researchers tracing members of less prominent families in Europe or America face even greater obstacles. Records are sketchy, previous research is lacking, there are fewer leads to follow. That’s why, at Anglia Research, we employ more accredited genealogists* than any other UK company. Our researchers take a forensic approach to detail, with rigorous double checking of evidence and a refusal to accept anything on trust. Our clients expect nothing less.

We founded Forensic Genealogy USA to enhance our partnerships with US probate researchers, lawyers, attorneys and investigators. Our aim is to build long-term, mutually beneficial relationships and place our vast experience of UK/Irish archives and records at your service.

We gained our reputation because we believe our clients deserve the best and we put that belief into practice. Our access to unique databases, our global reach and our commitment to providing the gold standard in probate research make us the obvious choice on either side of the Atlantic.

For more information on partnerships and co-operative ventures, and for a free review of your unsolved cases, contact us on 917-336-6309 before 16.00 EST, 13.00 PST or email

As Winston Churchill said: attitude is a little thing that makes a BIG difference.

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