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Position: Case Manager


Phone: 01473 344945

I enjoy the flexibility of the work I do, the fact that you never know where a case is going to lead and being in a position to spark an interest in genealogy with potential beneficiaries.

Carolyn joined Anglia Research in 2005, having returned from a year travelling the world. With a background in publishing and insurance, including claims negotiation, she was well-placed to transfer her administrative and team-working skills to the world of probate genealogy.

She has a talent for untangling complicated tax issues, very old estates and family trees that extend around the globe – and she's the go-to expert on cases that have complex Australian or New Zealand connections.

Carolyn holds a current paralegal practising certificate and is regulated by the PPR.

Carolyn's articles: When patience and persistence pay off.

Carolyn's testimonials:

Dear Carolyn,
It was a lovely surprise today to receive your correspondence and cheque regarding settlement of funds regarding the estate. I would like to thank yourself in particular and your team for the effort and time spent on my behalf. A truly professional and outstanding service and I couldn't be any happier with the outcome. The whole process maybe long but was explained clearly and we all knew where we stood with your updates.Without your organisation I wouldn't have even known about the estate and it has also enabled me to get back in touch with family I hadn't been in contact with for years. My sincere grateful thanks. Sterling work.
— A Thomas

We wish to thank Carolyn for the professional and efficient manner in which she conducted herself regarding our claim. There are so many chancers out there in this industry so it’s reassuring to come across a true professional who gets results quickly and efficiently.
— Mr Taylor

Dear Carolyn
Your efficient and considerate professionalism throughout the whole of this saga has been hugely appreciated – you have certainly earned your “corn” and greatly enhanced the reputation of Anglia Research Services in the process.
— Peter

I am still rather stunned, having now seen the monies, and am very grateful for your gentle persistence Carolyn... I am sure you will not forget my initial and subsequent incredulity! Thanks again for persevering.
— Name withheld by request.

Today I have received my share of the above estate. My niece received hers some days ago... Thank you very much for your research in this matter, without which we would never have known of the existence of the inheritance.
— Name withheld by request.

I was very pleased with the way Anglia research dealt with my claim, I had no idea of my claim until Carolyn Felgate contacted me with the surprise news of my inheritance & she then went on to do all the necessary business, keeping me informed of the process & finally sending me the payment. I am very thankful for your service Carolyn.
— Tom Meazza (view Google review)

Anglia Research over more than 12 months proved to be easy partners to progress a claim we had no idea we could benefit from. The initial reaction was to think here comes a letter from someone with fraud in mind but this was quickly dispelled when Carolyn Felgate Case Manager said she would never need my bank details because when all was complete a cheque would be sent. And so after a few long gaps a cheque arrived.

— Thank you Carolyn from a Happy Beneficiary

Hi Carolyn
My inheritance payment was received in full yesterday. Many thanks to you and your team for all your efforts and success on this amazing initiative.
— Mark

Hello Carolyn
I guess you are not finished yet, but you have done an amazing job so far. Finding and reading all those wills! To say nothing of locating the heirs...Thanks for sending the family tree.
— Phyl