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Position: Case Manager


Phone: 01473 344947

I enjoy the mental challenge of the more difficult cases – the cases that require visits to local register offices, data sets that we wouldn’t normally use and a bit of thinking outside the box.

With a long-standing interest in history and genealogy, Oliver joined Anglia Research after he graduated from the University of Essex with a first-class degree in politics in 2002. He remains one of our longest serving case managers. His head for problem solving and analysis makes him ideally suited to the role.

Oliver holds a current paralegal practising certificate and is regulated by the PPR.

Oliver's interviews and articles: Buried in the marriage register, The digitising decade.

Oliver's testimonials:

Oliver Howard of Anglia phoned me when a long-lost cousin died in 2016 leaving a small estate. All through the process of finding relatives and sorting out who got what we were able to work closely together. Mr Howard always responded very promptly to all my queries and it all worked out very successfully. Not only did the estate get settled but it all helped me in making contact with several once-removed cousins as part of my own family history research. Many thanks.
— John Williams (view Google review

Thank you Anglia Research, and especially Oliver Howard, for contacting me about the estate left behind by a cousin, from which I received a small share. Oliver was very straightforward and candid in explaining the work of Anglia Research and I was happy to adopt their professional services in settling this matter.
— Martin Noutch (view Google review)

Dear Mr Howard,

Please accept my thanks for your help distributing the letter to my ‘lost cousins’ that I forwarded to you. Two have already contacted me so far, so I'm already learning new things about my ‘lost family’. Many thanks also for the help Anglia Research have given me and my family in sorting out the affairs of the late deceased. I would certainly recommend your firm to other people involved in choosing which ‘Heir Hunter’ to represent them.
— J E Dowe

I'm not sure if it is 'the done thing' in these circumstances but I would like to thank you and your associates for all the hard work that went into this case which resulted in my receiving a cheque last Friday. Very many thanks.
— M Austin

I and my siblings were not aware of an uncle passing away without any sort of Will on file. I had not seen him since I was a child about 45 years ago. So it was a surprise when we were contacted by Anglia Research. They dealt with the claim quickly and efficiently and put me in touch with a Solicitor. It's always sad when someone passes away on their own but from what I remember, our Uncle would have been pleased that the money he left has helped my family have an enjoyable Christmas. This would not have happened without the "out of the blue" contact from Oliver Howard. So thank you from all of us.
— Angie Evans

Testimonial for Oliver Howard

Dear Mr Howard,

Thank you very much for sending me the information gathered by you during your research. I would also like to say a very big thank you for your firm's professionalism in making extensive investigations into the extended remaining family of the late Brian Frank Phillips, Anglia Research has acted in a most honest & upfront way.... Once again many, many thanks.
— Ivor G Ellis

Thank you so much for your prompt replies to any question that I asked. All done in a courteous and polite way, which seems to be a dying art these days.
— Name withheld by request.

Testimonial for Oliver Howard

Dear Oliver
I received the money from my brother's estate over the weekend. I just wanted to write and thank you. Your Company, and you yourself, have been so professional and helpful from start to finish. Thank you so much.
— S. C.