photo of Philip Turvey

Position: Executive Director


Phone: 01473 226718

After graduating in business studies, Philip joined Anglia Research in its early years to manage the day-to-day functions of the business.

His unparalleled research knowledge is a major asset to the company. Over many years, the knowledge he has accumulated of specialist and sometimes obscure areas of probate and intestacy practice has earned the respect of the legal profession.

As Philip says, “When it comes to intestacies and unclaimed assets, one can never predict the legal journey that lies ahead. The simplest case can unexpectedly branch out into almost any area of law.”

Philip holds a current paralegal practising certificate and is regulated by the PPR.

Philip's articles: Judge orders refund of unfair chargesFollowing the letter of the lawDouble charging: unethical, unjustifiable and rifeCase history of James Taylor, Guarding against risk, Why conduct a bankruptcy search?

Philip's testimonials:

Anglia Research are able to locate property owners who seem to drop off the radar, whilst other firms are unable to do so. I have been impressed by the dogged determination of Philip Turvey to leave no stone unturned. A great outcome.
— Peter Gilman, Chairman, GMI Group

I approached Anglia Research on the recommendation of my solicitor at a very difficult time – my family and I had just discovered the existence of a fraudulent will. All of the family knew it was fraudulent but we had to persuade the civil court (and later the police) of what the fraudsters had done and how they had done it. It was an extremely stressful time for us and in addition, our solicitor suggested we do as much of the work as possible to reduce costs, so I approached Philip Turvey, of Anglia Research, to discover more about the man who claimed to be the sole beneficiary of my mother's will. Very quickly and efficiently Philip Turvey found details of who he was and his relationship to a person closely connected to my mother. This was a complete surprise to myself and the family and it quickly enabled us to move forward with our enquiries and evidence collection. I am very glad to say that both the civil and criminal cases were successful. I will always be grateful for the professionalism and understanding offered by Anglia Research and of Philip Turvey in particular at this difficult time.
— Angela