photo of Rachel Knock

Position: Case Manager


Phone: 01473 384805

I have been with Anglia Research for over a decade and watched it expand over the years. We have a really good work force who all get on well with each other.

With 14 years’ experience as a probate researcher, Rachel's technological expertise, attention to detail and love of genealogy mean that she can piece together a family tree from the smallest of clues.

“My previous job involved working in care homes with the elderly,” she says. “I used to love hearing the stories they told about their experiences, so when this job opportunity came along I snapped it up.”

Rachel holds a current paralegal practising certificate and is regulated by the PPR.

Rachel's testimonials:

Looking at the family tree, I can see what a hugely difficult task you were set. It must be quite unusual for a family to die out completely in the third generation... And then to have to go back to Jane Wilson & George Whateley's huge family – you must have been totally daunted! But you have done a wonderful job on it, and given us a lot of really useful information. Thank you so much.
— Marjorie-Anne Howe