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Position: Case Manager


Professional Paralegal Register practising certificate

I love my job with Anglia Research. It puts my degree and my post grad diploma to such good use. I find it fascinating tracking individual lives against the backdrop of nineteenth and twentieth century history – and reuniting long lost family members is extremely rewarding.

Before she came to Anglia Research in 2015, Sam worked as a library adviser for Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council for 17 years.

Her interest in genealogy dates back to when she was very young, listening to family stories from her nan. She has a BA (Hons) in history, as well as a post graduate diploma in genealogical studies from the University of Strathclyde. Her knowledge of historical records, combined with her analytical and research skills, and her commitment to customer service, make her a great addition to our Southport team.

Sam's interviews and articles: How ATS war records solved a caseBetween two familiesThe face of the father he never knewSouth African's search for family completed in 24 hours

Sam's testimonials:

Hello Sam,
I found your service excellent, very professional and friendly. Also very helpful. Thank you for everything. 
— Mr D Bradshaw

Thank you once again. A meticulous explanation Sam, and interesting. Now we are really well informed, and should we come across someone who would doubt your validity as a company, we will be able to fully impede negative comments! You have dealt with everything very professionally and kindly. We sincerely thank you for your diligent work and caring attitude.
— Christopher and Patricia

Thanks for the tree, it's awesome. After talking to you, you have sparked something in me I never knew about myself: an interest in my past. Thank you.
— Mr Constantine

Sam, thank you so much for everything; for all your hard work and patience, and for the lovely cheque I received this morning. I really just can’t thank you enough.
— Mrs Derrant

Thank you card for Sam Watkin

I found it a very pleasant experience dealing with Anglia Research. The staff were polite and courteous and were happy to answer the many questions that I had about my family. I asked for a copy of my family tree which arrived in the post the next day. The experience has prompted me to search for more details of lost relatives.
— Nora Brennan

Hi Sam, thanks for all you have done for me and for sending me the family tree. I have found it a pleasant experience communicating with you over a little time. Thanks again. Regards Heather

 Smiley emoji

Anglia Research has been very professional and transparent during the process of confirming our links to a relative who died without a will. Sam Watkins has answered all of our queries honestly and promptly, telling us what to expect every step of the way. We are very happy with the service and the outcome.
— Janice Williams