Christopher Ferry, BA (Hons)

PositionCase Manager

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Christopher joined Anglia Research in 2009 from a background in business economics and management. He is a skilled researcher who often deals with cases involving property and land-related issues. He has a particular interest in helping to bring empty homes back into use.

There are two main aspects to my job. The first is meeting the problem-solving challenge of putting together an accurate family tree as fast as possible from just a name and date of death. The process at this point does not show anything but the facts of the bloodlines. It is only when you contact the relatives that you are able to change the ‘facts’ into real personalities with the stories they tell. It’s at this point that the second aspect of a case manager’s work kicks in. It’s very much a gear change, because it’s imperative to take time to deal openly and sensitively with potential beneficiaries.


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