The Best Ways to Trace Your Ancestors

At some point in our lives, many of us will become curious about our family tree and the lives of our ancestors. Who were they? What did they do? Where did they live and where did they come from? There are many reasons why someone might want to research their family history, from basic curiosity to establishing if they might be a beneficiary of an unclaimed estate.

Researching into family history, known as genealogy, has become a very popular activity in recent years due to coverage in the popular media as well as online accessibility. If you are looking to trace your ancestors, here are a few tips that should get you off to a good start.

What is genealogy?

Genealogy is the study of family history and a way of tracing lineages between yourself or other family members and distant relatives from history. In order to trace this family history, genealogists need to refer to a wide range of historical documents. These include oral interviews, photographs, letters, historical records, newspaper articles, deeds and genetic analysis as well as any other relevant pieces of information.

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With the accessibility provided by online genealogy sites, this field has become increasingly popular and sometimes opportunities arise where research can be combined with that of other users. However, in instances where there has been no prior genealogical research carried out, you will need to start from scratch.

Where should I begin?

If you are embarking on your genealogical research for the first time it can be hard to know where to begin. Therefore, here are some pointers to start you out as you trace your ancestors.

Start at home

Chances are you already have a collection of family documents in your possession. Check through any old photographs and documents to start your research.

Speak to relatives

Family members and relatives are another good source of information on your ancestors. They may also be able to fill in details not found in your own collection of documents.

Search online

Chances are you already have a collection of family documents in your possession. Check through any old photographs and documents to start your research.

Get a DNA test

A simple DNA test can provide a wealth of information on your family history, including where your ancestors came from. It may even help you find long-lost relatives.

What should I do with the information I find?

Make sure to collate all your research and keep it well organised so you or others in your family can come back to it whenever needed. Signing up to a genealogy website will often provide you with the tools that allow you to easily build a family tree based on your research. This in turn can also be referred to by others who may also be building their own family tree, allowing you to potentially collaborate. If your research leads you to believe that you might be due an unclaimed inheritance, then you can employ the services of Anglia Research to help you pursue the matter.

Anglia Research

The Anglia Research team can assist you in your genealogical search, whether it be establishing your potential inheritance entitlement or tracking down a lost legal document. We would be happy to provide you with a free introductory consultation as soon as you wish.

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