Caribbean Capabilities:

Did you know that we have particular expertise in the Caribbean where we help trace beneficiaries when members of the Caribbean diaspora die intestate in the UK?

This was demonstrated by our work in successfully finding relatives of the WW2 RAF hero, Peter Brown, a story which received national coverage, culminating in a full RAF funeral (here is a link to the story).

We were able to assist on that case due to our expert knowledge of the Caribbean Islands and, more significantly, having a physical presence in the area.

An overview of our Caribbean expertise and knowledge:

➡️ We’ve had a dedicated team working on Caribbean matters for well over 10 years

➡️ Our wider legal network includes well-respected lawyers in both Barbados and Jamaica

➡️ We have successfully researched the smaller Caribbean islands too, not just the larger ones

➡️ Our other work undertaken includes Bona Vacantia cases, obtaining certificates for citizenship applications, obtaining title deeds and arranging for the sale of property.

➡️ We have colleagues on the following islands: Barbados, Jamaica, and Trinidad and Tobago. Our Caribbean specialists include a Justice of the Peace in Jamaica, a well-respected archivist in Trinidad and Tobago, and a retired police officer in Barbados.

A previous article gives more information on how we can help, including details of a specific case study.

Get in touch to find out more on how we can help with research in the Caribbean or helping those in the Caribbean with research requirements in UK and Europe.



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