Anglia Research has provided genealogy services for solicitors for almost 40 years. We set the standard for heir location and finding next of kin.

We employ more accredited genealogists*, legally qualified and independently regulated staff than any other UK probate research company. Our reputation for thoroughness and integrity is second to none.

Whether you are faced with an intestacy or need to trace a person or a document, we can help you. For example, we can trace:

  • legal beneficiaries in cases of intestacy,
  • missing heirs named in a will,
  • missing witnesses to a will or other document,
  • missing shareholders,
  • pension fund holders and their legal beneficiaries,
  • relevant grants and civil records.

We can also locate other relevant people such as trustees, executors and title holders.

We offer a fast, friendly and affordable service – and, like you, we are determined to arrive at a legally sound outcome. We don’t cut corners. Our forensic reports and conclusions can be relied upon and are readily accepted for missing beneficiary indemnity insurance.

Our headquarters are in Ipswich, we have a town-centre office close to the General Register Office in Southport, satellite offices around the country and a global network of over 200 agents.

You can find out more about us in our solicitors’ FAQ, our list of services and our clients’ testimonials.

If you have a problem that you think we could help you with, please don’t hesitate to email us directly or otherwise contact us for a free consultation.

*members of AGRA, ASGRA and AGI. In addition, most of our case managers hold paralegal practising certificates and are regulated by the PPR, giving you the reassurance of an independent complaints procedure and compensation scheme. For more details, please see our accreditation page.