Dr Lisa Hill, BA (Hons) MA PhD

PositionWest Indies Research Manager and Training Consultant

Contact Details

Call: 01473 384806 Email: lisa.hill@angliaresearch.co.uk

The most interesting aspect of my work is listening to people’s stories. Sometimes they can beat a Dickens novel with their twists and turns and coincidences. They’re fascinating and, because so many of them involve people losing touch with one another, they’re often also very moving. However, because of the nature of my job, I’m not just a passive listener, I’m engaged in the story, filling in all the details through research and tying up the loose ends. I’m a firm believer that knowing and understanding the past helps to heal it.

Lisa joined Anglia Research in 2007. Originally from California, now residing in England, she comes from a strong research background, having worked as a research analyst of the California commercial property market, a freelance researcher of copyright law, and studied for a PhD in Literature at the University of Essex.

Beyond the UK, her genealogical specialities are the United States, Canada and the Caribbean.

Lisa holds a current paralegal practising certificate and is regulated by the PPR.

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