The story of Jamaicans coming to the United Kingdom isn’t only the story of the Windrush. Members of the Windrush generation arrived on other ships. Not all the stories of the Windrush generation in England begin at Tilbury Docks, Calvin Walker’s mother arrived on the Ascania, landing in Southampton.

Later, when Calvin emigrated it was with his aunt Goddie May, and they arrived together by aeroplane. It’s impossible to imagine what he must have felt as a small boy from rural Jamaica leaving his beautiful island home on an aeroplane and arriving in London.

Calvin told our West Indies Research Manager Lisa Hill the memories he had of his family, of Jamaica and of Brixton in the 1960s and 70s. A talented filmmaker and photographer, Calvin has created an audio piece Daylight Come detailing his family stories in the context of Jamaican migration and British history in the Caribbean.

Lisa contacted Calvin during her research into the estate of his sister Vera. He had tried a few years earlier to claim her estate from the Government Legal Department but had been unsuccessful. Using our extensive experience and the expertise of Kadean Vendryes, our “on-island” Jamaican researcher, we were able to successfully claim his sister’s estate. Calvin’s memories, his research and our research come together in the poignant Daylight Come.

Anglia Research has experienced, local researchers on Jamaica, Trinidad, Barbados, St Kitts and Nevis. With a network built over many years, we have contacts with solicitors and researchers across the smaller islands as well. This network and knowledge proved invaluable in helping Calvin claim his share of an inheritance to which he was legally entitled.

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