This page is about the news feeds whose icons can be seen on both our article listing pages and individual articles.

What are news feeds?

News feeds allow you to track when websites have added new pages. This is done using news feed reader programs. Once a news reader has subscribed to a news feed it will check and update itself with the new content. This allow you to browse through a list and click to visit the pages that interest you.

Both interested human visitors, and automated software "bots", can subscribe to news feeds.

Subscribing to news feeds

There are numerous news readers (also known as news feed readers, RSS readers, feed aggregators and feed readers) available. These may be websites themselves (web apps) or installed on your computer or handheld device. Many email programs and most modern web browsers can also display feeds. Some, such as Google Chrome, require you to install a browser extension or plugin first.

Depending on your particular news reader, you may subscribe to our feeds in various ways. For example by clicking a feed icon, dragging a feed icon into your reader, dragging the URL (web address) of the feed into your reader, or cutting and pasting the feed's URL into your reader. Please consult your reader's manual or just experiment.

Using our news feeds

If you subscribe when you are on the All Articles listing page, or on an individual article page, then every new article published will appear in your news reader; if you subscribe on a category listing page you will only get articles in that category.

To support the widest range of feed readers we supply feeds in both RSS (really simple syndication) and Atom formats. Either format will be suitable for most uses.